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Island Discovery Learning Community
  1. Participation in a part-time classroom program
  2. Full Time Homelearning (FTHL)

Classroom programs meet only part-time, and are only available in communities where we have ample enrollment. Please enquire for more information if this program interests you!

Enrollment in both programs happens throughout the year, from September to June. In order to be accepted into either program, an interview needs to take place with the family, in order to ensure that our program will work for you, and all registrations forms need to be complete, according to the registration checklist. The forms can be found under registration, or here:

Registration Form | Registration Checklist

For the part-time classroom programs, new students are only accepted if there is room in the class and if it can be determined that it is a suitable fit for your child.

Please click on the boxes below for more information about either program.