A Distributed Learning Community for Children, Families, and Teachers Who Love to Learn Together.

Island Discovery offers Distributed Learning

You may have heard of “home schooling” recently, but it differs from Distributed Learning in some key areas.

In Distributed Learning, each family is responsible for following the B.C. Curriculum, and will need to follow a certified learning plan, created by your teacher, with input from you

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Blended Program

Your child will attend teacher-led classes part-time while following a learning plan complemented by home activities.

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Home-Based Learning

All learning is done from home with a certified learning plan created by your teacher and with your input.

Island Discovery Principal Allan

Welcome to our community!

My name is Allan Saugstad.

I created Island Discovery in 2003, alongside a number of parents just like you.

Our mission was, and continues to be, to create a learning community that includes students, parents and teacher from day one.

This is what guides us, and makes Island Discovery a unique and happy place to learn and be part of.

Read more about how Island Discovery came to be a community for kids and families learning together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IDLC part of a school district?

Island Discovery is administered by the Powell River Board of Education (SD47) as a Distributed Education Program. Our BCTF certified teachers facilitate and supervise both the classroom and home-based programs.

What is your learning philosophy?

IDLC exists to nurture the unique and diverse spirit of each child, and to see and appreciate every child for who they are.

We support students to learn and grow in a creative, mindful environment, and support the attachment between parents and their children, as well as the vital connections between all members of our learning community (parents, children and teachers)

Where are you located?

Whilst our office is located on Bowen Island, our students live throughout BC. For those looking for a blended program option, please visit the Locations page to see where these are.

How do I apply?

After speaking to a program coordinator, you can gather the necessary documents and submit your application online through our website.

Will I receive funding?

Some funding is available to most families, especially those who are not in our blended programs. We can purchase learning materials for you from our pre-approved vendors, or pay for classes which have been designated as part of the student’s learning plan. Other opportunities include website subscriptions, memberships, and field trips.

What Families Say About IDLC

“For many of the students, this program is the only place where they can find other kids like them and teachers who know how to work with them.

~ Cory K.

“We believe that the close connections with the teachers and their true dedication to considering each individual student and their strengths gave so much to our daughter.

~ Katherine W.

“We love IDLC. All the staff are super helpful, kind and knowledgeable. We like the laid back nature of the program and never feel that anyone is putting pressure on us.

~ The Baer Family