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Our distributed learning program is publicly funded by Powell River Board of Education (School Disctrict 47) and offers a teacher-led, flexible and family-centred program for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.


Difference between Homeschooling and Distributed Learning

When our kids are not in “regular” brick and mortar schools, most of us consider ourselves “homeschoolers” since our children are not in school every day.

But it is important to be clear about Ministry of Education definitions around the difference between “Distributed Learning” and “Homeschooling”.

Distributed Learning

  • – you closely follow the BC Curriculum
  • – you follow a teacher-led learning plan
  • – you submit work to a B.C. Certified teacher on a regular basis
  • – you conference with your teacher regularly throughout the year
  • – three formal reports are given, including a year end report card
  • – you are considered “enrolled” by your DL school


  • – the student’s educational plan is created, delivered, and supervised by parents
  • – the program does not need to meet provincial standards
  • – there are no reporting requirements
  • – students do not receive a BC Dogwood graduation certificate
  • – you are considered “registered” by your school
Our Mission at IDLC

IDLC exists to nurture the unique and diverse spirit of each child, to see and appreciate every child for who they are, to support students to learn and grow in a creative, mindful environment, to support the attachment between parents and their children, and to nurture healthy relationships, strong attachments and vital connections between all members of our learning community (parents, children and teachers).

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COVID 19 Health and Safety Guidelines & News

COVID 19 Health and Safety Guidelines & News

District and Ministry COVID19 Health & Safety Guidelines more

The heart of what we do: Why choose Island Discovery?

The heart of what we do: Why choose Island Discovery?

Our learning community is built on the intuitive knowledge that it is our children who "compel us to listen and learn from them." At IDLC, we encourage and support you and your child to find your own way, not our way, because there really is no other way.  Read Island Discovery founder and principal Allan Saugstad's reflections on the heart of what we do at ILDC... more

Parent participation is a key element of our programs

Parent participation is a key element of our programs

Island Discovery Learning Community was created by parents and families inspired by their love of distributed learning, attachment parenting, and community building. That inspiration continues and is evident in the dedication of parents in all programs, the learning of our children, and the support of our teachers... more