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Once you’ve spoken to us about whether IDLC is a good fit for your child or family, and you’ve decided to apply, please review this checklist to help you complete the online application.

Registration Checklist

Child Information

  • Previous School: the school your child has been attending, including name, district and grade your child was enrolled in.
  • Program Choice: Which of the two Distributed Learning options do you want to apply for? (Blended Programs or Full-time Home-Based Learning) If you wish to apply for a Blended Program, what location are you requesting and what start date do you prefer?
  • Child’s Personal Info: Legal name, contact info, address, citizenship, date of birth, sibling information, and other details.
  • Child’s Medical Information: Please prepare details about any life-threatening illnesses, allergies or other health factors IDLC should be aware of.
  • IEP: If your child was following an Independent Education Plan, please have the details ready.
  • Special Education Designation: If applicable, please be ready to provide basic details.
  • Parent/Guardian Details: Please have your personal contact info, address, place of employment & work contact ready info for each parent/guardian.
  • Custody Arrangement: If applicable, please provide a copy of the court order to IDLC.
  • Emergency Contact: Have contact details for your child’s emergency contact.

Supporting Documents

To complete your application, please have the following supporting documents ready, signed (if applicable) and submitted by mail.

Please see the online application form for further details on how to submit these documents to our office:

  • Copy of Identification Document: Please include a copy of your child’s birth certificate or Passport and mail to the address on the application form.
  • Copy of BC Care Card: Please include a copy of your child’s BC Care Card and mail to the address on the application form.
  • Signed Permission Release Forms: You can give or withhold your permission for your child in school photographs, to use online resources, Google Suite services, Facebook groups, and other school resources. Please review them in detail on the application form.
  • IDLC Release Forms: These forms cover school trips (when applicable), media coverage of school events, internet access for education purposes, disclosure of your child’s basic info to Parent Advisory Council members. You can review these forms on the application form.