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Overview of IDLC Programs

Our program is led by B.C. certified teachers who support learners who want to learn at home and in their local communities, rather than in a regular school environment.

We offer two options:

  • Full-Time Home-Based Learning
  • Blended Programs

We want to establish a collaborative relationship with you that is respectful of the diverse learning journey you are on with your child.

We promise to celebrate your child for exactly who they are.

Home-Based Learning

Students and families follow individualized learning plans which are designed and supervised by our teachers. This learning plan is highly collaborative, is created based on the needs and interests of each learner, and can be adapted throughout the year.

Teachers meet with students and families informally throughout the year, in order to update plans, assess progress, plan finances, discuss any needs or concerns you have, and set and review goals. As well, there are four formal conferences each year – one to create the learning plan and three for portfolio reporting each term – in December, March, and June.

Click here for more information about Full-Time Home Based Learning Programs.

Blended Programs

Part-time classroom programs are offered on Bowen Island and various other locations in the lower mainland and BC. Classes are gently teacher-led and follow an attachment-based model. Many families also attend privately-run programs to supplement the learning they do at home.

Click here for more information about Blended Programs.