What is Distributed Learning?

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What is Distributed Learning?

When our kids are not in “regular” brick and mortar schools, most of us consider ourselves “home schoolers” since our children are not in school every day.

But it is important to be clear about the BC Ministry of Education definitions around the difference between “Distributed Learning” and “Homeschooling”.

Distributed Learning

As a student, you:

  • closely follow the BC Curriculum;
  • follow a teacher-led learning plan;
  • submit work to a B.C. Certified teacher on a regular basis
  • conference with your teacher regularly throughout the year;
  • receive three formal reports, including a year end report card;
  • are considered “enrolled” by your DL school.

Home Schooling

Differs substantially in the following ways:

  • the student’s educational plan is created, delivered, and supervised by parents;
  • the program does not need to meet provincial standards;
  • there are no reporting requirements;
  • students do not receive a BC Dogwood graduation certificate;
  • you are considered “registered” by your school.