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Update: Registration Closed

As of Friday, Aug. 21st, at 9:00 a.m., Island Discovery will no longer be accepting registrations for full time distributed learning. 

If you would like to join our waitlist, please fill out the registration form.  No one will be able to get back to you until September, and we will only do so if spots become available.

We are very sorry! We have been absolutely inundated with hundreds of new applications in the last few weeks, and even with the ones we have accepted, it is going to be a challenge to support them all in a timely and effective way.

If you are connected to teachers or facilitators of one of our part-time classroom programs, and if there is still room in those programs, your application may still be accepted.


Differences between Homeschooling and Distributed Learning

When our kids are not in “regular” brick and mortar schools, most of us consider ourselves “homeschoolers” since our children are not in school every day.

But it is important to be clear about Ministry of Education definitions around the difference between “Distributed Learning” and “Homeschooling”.

Distributed Learning

  • you closely follow the BC Curriculum
  • you follow a teacher-led learning plan
  • you submit work to a B.C. Certified teacher on a regular basis
  • you conference with your teacher regularly throughout the year
  • three formal reports are given, including a year end report card
  • you are considered “enrolled” by your DL school


  • the student’s educational plan is created, delivered, and supervised by parents
  • the program does not need to meet provincial standards
  • there are no reporting requirements
  • students do not receive a BC Dogwood graduation certificate
  • you are considered “registered” by your school


Registration Process

Registration at Island Discovery is ongoing throughout the year.  We are supported by Powell River Board of Education with Partners in Educaton (PIE).  We will offer the choices of a part-time classroom program or full-time distributed learning at home.

Go to Programs for more information on each of these options.

Additionally, we will offer Grade 8 & 9 cross enrollment and Grade 10 to 12 full time courses or Grade 10 to 12 part time courses.

Families can live anywhere in B.C. and take part in our full-time distributed learning option. Part-time classroom participation is only available in select locations.

We use a secure GSuite Education Platform for communication and collaboration with our families. Parents must be willing and able to use this system in order to participate in our program.

Please follow these enrollment steps:

  1. Initial Call:  We direct all inquiries to our founder and principal Allan Saugstad at 604-992-2370.  There are many options available.  It is important to ensure you are a good fit for the program and that the program is a good fit for you.  He is able to thoroughly answer your questions and offer choices.
  2. Come for a visit:  If you are interested in one of our part-time classroom programs, talk with us about scheduling a visit for you and your child, including a possible 1-2 day trial.
  3. Fill out the registration form on the SD47 website.  Click here to go to the online form

Allan Saugstad – Principal

604-992-2370 (mobile)

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